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 Battery structure design and PCM design exactly for your applications:
 For 3 batteries in series,
with Balance Function, 150mA/h.
Over-current Protection 100A for 20 MS.
For 3 batteries in series,
with balance function,70mA/h.
Over current protection 80A.

 Plastic case tooling and case production
 Plastic case for polymer battery  Plastic case for NI-MH battery
   Tooling for battery case

Total power solution for different applications!

A. Battery Solution for Power Tools
For Weeding Machine, farming Machines, fishing Poles, cleaner/sweeper, power tools…
 Ni-MH SC 3000mAh 14.4V 10C  Lithium Polymer  20Ah 11.1V

B. Battery solution for Medical Devices
 NI-MH AA 2200mAh 12V  NI-MH SC2500mAh 12V 5C  

C. Emergency Lighting & Solar Energy

Special Recommendation:
LFP26650 3V 3200mAh; LFP26650 6V 3200mAh battery pack for emergency lighting;
Special PCM design with balance functions. Very Long using time, can be more than 5~8 years.


Consumer NI-MH Batteries:

Can package these batteries with customers Brand blister or PVC with customers’


Digital ,Telecommunications and consumer tools Batteries

Batteries for cordless phone, camera, speakers, two-wave radio, controller, backup
power, digital camera, digital photo frame, MID, mobile phone, Bluetooth earphone,
Power toys, power toy cars, power shaver,…

AAA 800mAh 3.6V

AA 1200mAh 2.4V

3.7V, 7.4V and more    Capacity: 65mAh~10 000mAh     Size: Flexible

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