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Cautions for using NI-MH battery


 1.         Reverse charging is not acceptable.

2.         Charge before use, use the correct charger for Ni-MH batteries.

3.         Do not charge / discharge with more than the specified current.

4.         Do not short circuit the cell / battery.

5.         Do not incinerate or mutilate the cell/battery.

6.         Do not solder directly to the cell / battery.

7.         The life expectancy may be reduced if the cell / battery is subjected to adverse conditions, like extreme temperature, deep cycling, excessive overcharge /over-discharge.

8.         Store the cell / battery in a cool dry place.

9.         When find battery power down during use, please switch off the device to avoid over discharge.

10.      When not using a battery, disconnect it from the device.

11.      well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

12.      During long term storage, battery should be charged and discharged once every half a year.

13.      When the battery is hot, please do not touch it and handle it, until it has cooled down.

14.      Do not mix batteries with other battery brands or batteries of a different chemistry such as alkaline and zinc carbon batteries.

15.      Do not mix new batteries in use with semi-used batteries, battery may be over-discharged.

16.      Keep away from children. If swallowed, contact a physician at once.

a)         Do not burst or dissemble batteries for the chemical material are erosive and they will harm the skin and eyes and will even cause fire.

b)         Do not pull on the lead wire or connector on the battery, avoiding damage the welding point and connecting point.

c)         Do no weld directly on batteries, connecting plates must be used when welding.

d)         Do not mix use different models, different types, the old and the new batteries.

e)         Do not short circuit batteries with metal plate.

f)           Turn off the equipment or take off the battery after using it, otherwise may cause the battery leak or shorten the battery’s life.

17.      Please charge the battery with small current when before first time use.

18.      Please store batteries in cool and dry places.

19.      Do not let children to change batteries without supervision of adults. Small sized batteries such as AAA batteries should be kept away from children.

20.      Charge NiMH battery to full capacity before long time storage.

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